August 7th, 2009

Last night I dreamed that I was temporarily working at this mall in Louisiana while I was vacationing down there, and my friend Brittney who I used to work with was working right next to me, and we found a bouncy ball on the ground, so we started playing with it and bouncing it back and forth between each other. Then we both got customers at the same time, so we had to just let the ball roll where it wanted to for a couple minutes. Then when we were done with the customers, we went to go look for the ball and these two bitchy scene girls were bouncing it off a wall a few feet away from us. I kept trying to catch it when it bounced closer to us, but the girls kept getting there first. Then finally I ran to catch it and kind of ran into one of the girls and I fell down and caught the ball.. She was so pissed that I ran into her, she kicked me in the side! So I said, “If you ever do that again, you’re going to get my heel in your face bitch!” (I was wearing my 4 inch pumps) They walked away like they were hot shit, and Brittney and I got back to work.

Later on, two security guards came up to me and said I had to fill out this form saying that I abused mall customers, and sign it, then take it to the police station. What the fuck?! I started filling out the form, but I realized that I should just put in fake information because I was only working there for a couple weeks and I lived in Michigan anyway, so worst case scenario, I’d have a warrant out for my arrest in Louisiana.. But who cares. So I made up a fake address and everything, signed it with my fake name, then dropped it off at the security office at the mall and walked out!

August 6th, 2009

I had some vivid and insane dreams last night.


In one such dream Nudawn, Frangry, and I were at a football camp.  Frangry was wearing a bleach blonde wig and being a bitch to me, but Nudawn told I was actually kind cool so maybe she should lay off.  Then we had to do a bunch of line jumps and ride a bus somewhere. I don’t know where; I woke up at that point.

Why the fuck do I have dreams involving people I don’t even know?

Also, I dreamt that Brad and Angelina were these robot demon things which turned into stone in daylight, so they had surrogates living for them.  They found out that I knew, and in an effort to escape them I drove my car into a river.

i have the weirdest dreams.


last night’s was about some third world country i was in and i made friends with the king’s girlfriend and we then helped these little boys escape bombings (?) then i had to say bye to her at this really cool hotel and then she was like you should go to the ballroom and i was like why? and she was like just go! then i go and see dorentina & michelle standing there in line to meet the maine. so we stand there for lieke .5 seconds then we are put in this secluded room with garrett, john, and moose and dorentina runs out and michelle follows her so it’s just me chilling with garrett beccause john & moose were on their macs and garrett was signing old report cards (?) and talking about how he broke his whole leg then some other stiff happened but i don’t remember it.  IT WAS WEIRD to say the least.

I’m just being honest.


I had a dream last night that I gave my number to my high school trig & stats teacher, and he and I were going to go out drinking when I turned 21. BEST. DREAM. EVER.

I just had the most depressing dream.


I was watching the last episode of Blue’s Clues with my ex-Steve and it was Steve Burns very last episode. And they made his hair all fake white and he was in suspenders and glasses. And he only got to the second clue before he skiddoed into a scrap book that had all these photos of the episodes and like his grand kids named SARAH and TATE.  And he goes “It sure is brighter in this book!” And you like knew it was heaven and he was dead, but no one was saying it cause it was a kids show.  Oh my god it was so depressing. That’s what I get for trying to sleep while my sister watched Blue’s Clues in my room. My heart hurts a little even hahahaa.

I was dreamed about last night.


Alex texted me to tell me about her dream:

“yeah I dreamed that we were being chased by zombies and they got you. Then you were the head zombie and started chasing after me. Then you blew up a hospital and started eating brains and flesh.”

I love representing the undead.


So another weird dream last night. I can only remember bits and pieces of it. But for the most part me and my family were being chased by some zombie hamsters O_o Yes I said zombie hamsters. And they were owned by some horrible dude trying to like rob us, I think, can’t remember that part well. He defiantly wanted something we had. And poor Jayden’s toe got bitten off by one of the darn hamsters  =’(  As I was wrapping his foot I woke up from my dream.

One of my (Kristell) weird dreams.




Okay, first I had a dream that I was on a stool in the middle of my room. Then I realize that there’s a rope around my neck. Hand cuffs round my hands. Legs tied together. Then I see someone in a black mask tilt over the chair. Slowly I fall until I hear something SNAP!

Second dream. I’m running through a forest in a white satin gown, bare footed. Before I could run any further, I’m slowly being burned and tied to a tree.

Third dream. I’m swimming in a pool with my sister, nana, emilio, & theresa. When I jumped off the diving board, the pool turns yellow. When I jump in I say, “This doesn’t taste like lemonade.” Emilio starts laughing and says, “It isn’t.”

lmao the third dream is funny. lol


I have really odd dreams;


I was just chilling at home and  apparently there was a new virus that was spreading everywhere, and it was like that thing in Shaun of the Dead, right?. And then all these crazy zombies ran through my house with blood all over their mouths. And I’m not sure but I think they did a choreographed dance somewhere in there. So , I was pretty terrified. And it was just me, this random girl, and my grandma at home. I’m not really sure where my parents or my sister went…anyways. I made up this plan to escape from all these zombies (they were outside and everywhere). Me and the girl were going to live in my bathroom. But she didn’t want to. So I was like, fine bitch, suit yourself and go die with all the zombies. And then my older sister came out of nowhere and was like, let’s live in the bathroom! It made total sense at the time to live in the bathroom, since mine has two locking doors and a window and the washer and dryer is in there too. And running water, can’t forget that. And we helped my grandma to live in her room, since she needs her oxygen and there was no room in the bathroom. And we gave her a shit ton of water. & then the whole thing changed. And we were no longer in danger from the zombies since the virus could be cured or something. So,  I decided to shave my legs in the shower in the random hoteel room that I was suddenly in. But when I was shaving my legs the shower just like, poured out tons of water. Way more than a normal shower. It was like the equivalent of being on one of those water log rides at Six Flags. Oh yeah, and my dad and my stepmom were at the hotel, and my sister. Then Kristen Stewart came to pick me up and I asked her how all the zombies were going and she said there weren’t as many of them and then I woke up. :D

My Dream


I totally dreamt of my two crushes from Freshman year. I was talking to them about school and it was really humid. I had a bad case of acne…
August 5th, 2009

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Had another messed up dream. This time, a few of my neighbors homes were on fire, and i ran around with a baby in my arms and rang all their doorbells, then called the fire department. Then, i went to Jen Evans’ house, and it turns out, her mom has a sick closet. So we admired her clothes for a long while. And yeah. Weird. Very weird. Currently: eating a poptart, learning German on my fun DVD, yes it’s going well. Just talked to Trent’s cousin for a while.. ha. Hahahaha. He is in DIE HUND HAUS for sure. (in German! Ja!!) Today will be fun. Delicious lunch & dinner planned, shoppin, art fair, pool. Mmmhmmm.

I had a dream last night that fell down there
after a violent storm.


I had a dream last night that fell down there

after a violent storm.




I just remembered my dream,

Jon Stewart gave me a signed picture of himself that was the size of a thumb nail.  Then I got stuck in an elevator and when I called that help box thing, they accused me of murder.  So then they sent these black guys down to get me out of  the elevator, but they hand cuffed me once they got me out.  Then they took me to this other elevator and started filling it with water and to see if I was a murderer.  Then I woke up.


D: I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at a hotel with m fam, and idk there was this computer bad guy that was sucking everyone into the computer and then there were only two of us left me and someone I didn’t even know. but then I had two hand guns that I carried in my backpack and I always held one out cause I didn’t know if the computer bad guy was gonna strike and I thought I could shoot him but then it ended up everyone was playing omgpop.

Anywayyyys :D sytycd was gudd.